Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a userid and password so I can log into the website?
You must be a current member of the Toadsuck Chapter to be able to login to the website
Once you are a member you will receive a welcome email with a link that will let you set your own username and password for the website. The email may go to your junk email folder so be sure and look for it there. If you cannot find the email, or if it's been deleted, please contact either the chapter webmaster so the email can be resent.
If you have any issues with setting up your account on the website, please contact the webmaster for additional help.

How do I change my password?
- Login to your account
- Click the 'My account' link in the navigation bar
- Click the 'Edit' tab in the page that opens
- Scroll down and enter the new password in the 'Password' and 'Confirm password' fields
- Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Save' button

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
- Select/click 'Login' from the navbar and on the page that opens, click the 'Request new password' tab
- Enter your account's username, or the account's email address, then click the 'E-mail new password' button
- An email will be sent with instructions to reset your password
- Click the one-time link provided in the email
- This will take you back to the website. Click on 'Log in'
- Enter your password
- Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the 'Save' button

If my membership expires, can I still login to the Toadsuck Chapter website?
No. A common reason for not being able to login to the Toadsuck Chapter website is that either your National HOG or Toadsuck Chapter membership has expired. You must keep both memberships current in order to access the members only areas of the Toadsuck Chapter website.
Please note that you must maintain your national membership in order to be a member of the local chapter. From page 4 of the HOG Chapter Handbook, "An expired National membership automatically terminates local chapter membership and any associated memberships." If you believe you are current but are unable to login please contact your local chapter webmaster to help resolve the issue.

What is the HogScan smartphone application?
It is an application that was created as a way for Road Captains to quickly and easily check members into events. Its main purpose is twofold; less paperwork and to verify member's status as current.

Can anyone use the HogScan smartphone application?
Yes, but know that the smartphone app is not a scaled down version of the website. It only shows our event calendar and only three months of the event calendar.
There are some members that use it as a way to RSVP to events rather than logging into the website to RSVP.
You must first activate your account on the website in order to use the smartphone application.
To download and install the app to your smartphone, Android users go to the Play Store, iPhone users go to the App for 'hogscan') There is a one time fee of $0.99 for the app.
Once installed, you must first scroll down and select TOADSUCK CHAPTER from the list of chapters so that you'll be able to login. Your login credentials are the same as those on the website. 

How do I RSVP to events and activities?
There are two easy ways for you to RSVP...choose one or the other
  Through the website
   - Login to the website with your username and password
   - Click "Calendar" in the navbar to navigate to the calendar (the calendar for the current month will open)
   - Click on the event/activity you want to RSVP to
   - When the page opens click on the "RSVP to this event" button. Button wording will change to "unRSVP to this event" indicating success.
  Through the smartphone application
   - Login to the app using the same credentials (username & password) that you use to login to the website
   - Tap the CALENDAR icon along the bottom row to open the calendar
   - Tap the event/activity you want to RSVP to
   - Tap the 'thumbs up' icon in the upper right to RSVP (the background of the icon will go from white to orange indicating success) 

What is RSVP and why do we have it?
RSVP (répondez s'il vous plaît) is a fancy French way of saying 'Please respond'. We use it on our calendar as a way for members to say they will be attending an event (meeting, ride or activity). When you RSVP to an event you help the coordinator(s) of that event with planning. For instance;
A ride may need to be broken up into two groups for the safety of everyone.
A destination restaurant may need an accurate headcount to be able to set-up and accommodate the group.
A catered party may need an accurate headcount to ensure there is enough food for the group.
When you RSVP to events it speeds up the check-in process.

How do I get the chapter calendar on my iPhone / Android smartphone?
There are step-by-step instructions for syncing your smartphone in the Blog on this website. The instructions for iPhone and Android are different so be sure to use the one specific to your device.
Some people download and use the Google calendar on their iPhone rather than than the default calendar. In this case, you will need to follow the instructions in the Android section to sync the calendars.

What is Ladies of Harley?
Ladies of Harley (LoH) is a group of women within the Toadsuck Chapter who meet regularly and have rides. You do not have to ride your own motorcycle to participate in LoH. Women who ride as a passenger are welcome at any LoH event. Additional information, including how to join LoH, can be found on the Ladies of Harley page. Any member male or female are invited to join the ladies in their events.

What happens at the Monthly Chapter Meeting?
This meeting occurs on the second Saturday of each month at Toadsuck Harley-Davidson at 9:00am in the showroom. Each of the Primary Officers, the Activities Director and the Safety Officer give monthly updates.
The dealership provides updates on their planned activities and there may be a guest speaker. The meeting normally lasts for one hour.

What happens at the Planning Meeting?
The purpose of this meeting is to identify activities (including group rides) for the quarter. The results of the meeting are placed on the chapter's Event Calendar which every member has access to.
This meeting is scheduled quarterly (4 times per year). The location and time varies, so check the calendar. All members are welcome at the planning meeting.

What is a breakfast / lunch ride?
The ride leader specifies whether a ride is for breakfast or lunch and the departure time. Lunch rides generally leave at 10:00am or later while breakfast rides generally leave before 10:00am. The distance for breakfast and lunch rides range from a few miles to as much as 100 miles.

Will we stop for gas?
You should arrive at the dealership with a full tank of gas. The ride leader will plan the ride with the assumption that you have a full tank when we leave the dealership. The ride leader will generally schedule a rest/fuel stop for rides of 100 miles or more.

Are there stops along the way on these rides?
Stopping is at the discretion of the ride leader. You will find most ride leaders will stop hourly for a break at a gas station. However, that’s not a firm requirement.

Can I bring a friend on a breakfast, lunch, or dinner or destination ride?
Sure, but due to HOG (Harley Owners Group) guidelines, your friend will need to sign a waiver before the ride leaves the dealership.

Can I bring my kids on a breakfast, lunch, or dinner ride?
Yes, but again, non-members must sign a waiver. If the child is under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the waiver for the child. In addition, children 12-17 will be required to sign their own waiver.

What’s with all this legal stuff?
Toadsuck Chapter is bound to follow national HOG guidelines. The waivers we sign are mandated by national HOG for the protection of the Raleigh NC Chapter and the officers. The waivers only apply to persons who are not Toadsuck Chapter members.
What is the Toafsuck Chapter alcohol policy?
It’s just a policy that makes sense. There is to be no alcohol prior to, or en route to, our destination. Once the ride is declared officially over, you may drink if you wish. Of course, you should always drink responsibly, and remember you are not in a car. Motorcycles and alcohol are a very dangerous mix.

Can I lead a ride?
Absolutely! All you have to do is pick your favorite destination or restaurant and schedule the ride with the Head Road Captain. You should plan to pre-ride your route several days prior to the ride and make a reservation at the restaurant. You will learn a lot just by observing other ride leaders.

How do I get to know people?
Just pick an event and show up. A breakfast, lunch, or dinner ride is a great opportunity to meet people. Ensure the ride leader knows this is your first event. Any number of people can show up for a ride, generally 10-30 people. Usually, we sit together as one big group so there is ample opportunity to meet fellow members.

I haven’t ridden with a group before, so what should I do?
Don’t let your lack of group riding experience keep you at home. Pick a regularly scheduled event like a breakfast, lunch, or dinner ride and go. Let the ride leader know that this is your first event and you are not sure what to do. The ride leaders and Road Captains are there to help. We recommend that new members ride near the front of the group. The pace is generally more even at the front of the group, and you are less likely to experience anxiety if the group becomes separated.

Well, I really haven’t ridden much at all so can I still ride with the group?
If you are a beginner, we suggest you team with one of our Road Captains or our Safety Officer to determine when and how to begin riding with the group. Our goal is to get you riding with the group as soon as you safely and comfortably are able.

What is a poker run?
A poker run is a motorcycle ride usually for a charity or fund raiser. It can be run a number of different ways, but the basics are the same. There are five stops and at each stop you draw from a standard deck of cards. Best hand wins. The first and last stops are often at the same location, while the other three will make up an interesting route for a motorcycle ride.

What is a Rally?
A rally is a planned gathering of motorcyclists for a weekend or a week at some pre-determined location. There are HOG rallies, state rallies, national rallies, and regional dealership associations’ rallies. These rallies are designed to allow you to ride with a group of friends to an interesting destination where you will often find good roads, good food, interesting things to buy and other motorcyclists who share your interest.

How far in advance do I have to plan if I want to attend a rally?
You should get hotel reservations ~6 months in advance of most rallies. Very big rallies, like Daytona, Sturgis, or Harley’s anniversary, may require planning in advance of one year.